Thursday, November 8, 2007

This is ridiculous. Why must i say what is my boyfriend's name? MUST i? Is it very important? People have start commenting that im trying to attract attention by not disclosing who is my boyfriend. Excuse me, anyone who trys to do that is dumb. Of course i would like to share my lovelife with people who wants to know. But i also have to care about the privacy of my boyfriends. There have been some of my ex-boyfriends who wouldn't like to be exposed to so much people. I haven't ask my boyfriend if he minds, so of course i kept quiet all along about who he is. And then, some people say "if you dont want the world to know you have a boyfriend, then dont talk about your boyfriend in your blog". Since when did i say i dont want the world to know i have a boyfriend? I want to share. I want to note down in my blog that im happy. This is my blog, for me to read back several years later and look at the memories i had. So i can't write about my boyfriend without writing his name? Since when did that rule came out? Dont other people write 'dear', 'hubby', 'baby' in their blogs without writing the name too? Why didn't you people say they are attracting attention?

Fine. He just told me he wont mind. Okay, guys, you all want to know who's my boyfriend right?
KELVIN CHIA. Satisfied? Tsk.

Okay, i've finished complaining. Now for happier things!

தீபாவலி நல்வால்த்துகல் !
( teck says that the words above mean HAPPY DEEPAVALI ! )

Went out with Boyfriend last night, and i finally got my contact lenses!! Yippies! Mine is 2weeks disposable. Below is 3 months supply!

This was before i had to try putting the lens into my eye. It was super difficult to put it in at first because i kept blinking and my other eye kept shutting on it's own. Tears kept flowing out. LOL. Eyeliner smudged like siao.

Forgot to cut my long nails before going to the shop, so it was quite a hard task taking out the contact lens. After that i touched up on my makeup and we went to fill my super hungry stomach!

Breeks Cafe.

i was super thirsty that i drank half the cup even before the food came!

Mine was Cajun Blackened Fish!
Super yummy, except that i dont like the garden vegetables.
Boyfriend had steak.

He ordered a Icecream with Brownie to share. It tasted HEAVEN!

I told him i want to walk around Esplanade, so he brought me there.
This is something made out of two crocs shoe!

This view was amazing in real life. Too bad i didn't bring a digital cam out.

Lots and lots of couples sitting there.

I had a really great night :)

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