Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I want to buy a compact digicam!

It must be:
- Not bulky in size
- lots of memory so that i can take alot of photos
- at least 5megapixels
- has macro distance so that whenever i take photos of things near, or of things of tiny size, the picture will still come out clear instead of blur.
- clear display screen that will not get scratched easily.
- display must be true to how it will look like in computers
- weight- as light as possible.
- wont spoil even if i drop.
- Battery life must be long enough to take many many photos!
- and most importantly, make my face look nice in photos! I hate those cameras that make my face look dark. I hate shadows on my face too!
- Soft flash. I dont like too bright flash as i'll squint. Haha.

Teck introduced this cam to me: Fujifilm FinePix F50fd
Read about it and i think it's great! Gonna save up for it :D
Click here to look at the website about it F50fd

(too bad my birthday is over. *sad*)

Anyway, went out with boyfriend several days ago for dinner. He brought me to Din Tai Fung.

There was a queue and we had to wait. Listened to some JC students singing christmas carols.

tada! My boyfriend and me. I totally love this picture ^^

He ordered drunken wine chicken for appetizer. I think the wine is really strong. But it's nice! Cold chicken. i would prefer if there's no wine though. I think boyfriend wants to make me drunk so that he can carry me to dark corners. LOL!! just kidding of course, my boyfriend is a decent boy. haha. Really.

I randomly chose this from the menu because i love tofu!! I love tofu! I have no idea why so many people dislike tofu. Tofu is nice! This tofu is nice, and boyfriend agrees :D
I had PorkRibs Fried Rice for main course. The rice is damn nice! There's lots of egg in it, and the grains are round and fat. Love loves. But i was very full so i couldn't eat finish. The pork ribs are too hard though.
He ate this.
We had XiaoLongBaos! I didn't know how to pick it up at first because im afraid the skin would break. Boyfriend taught me, and i learnt within seconds! It's super delicious, even after it got cold. He laughed at the way i eat it. Damn him. Girls MUST be elegant meh? haha.

After that we went for some shopping at fareast. Went into a shop and spent $xxx in it. Just one single shop throw away so much money! 2 dresses, 1 waistbelt, 1 bareback, and one cardigan. He loved the cardigan and was disappointed when i say i didn't want to wear it afterall the next day. Hehe.

I was listening to the radio this morning when i heard about a husband in taiwan being unpleased about his wife using the internet so much, so he became violent towards her. Other than the usual hitting, kicking, slamming things, there are also some rather funny things that he did.

Throw water bombs at her, close the water switch while the wife was bathing, and lighting firecracker at the side of her wife while she was sleeping!!

Crazy Husband -.-

Email to the-ice-angel@hotmail.com for enquiries or to purchase. thankyou!

Pink top.

Double layer sleeveless top.
Half Top. (reveals bellybutton)

Black smocked tube. (condition: 8/10. threads could be seen dangling, but it's not visible when other people look at you.)

$8 Clearance Sale!
Email to the-ice-angel@hotmail.com for enquiries or to purchase. thankyou!

White Offshoulder (swapped with another blogshop. Not worn before eversince i got it.)

Tube dress (reaches knee length, silky texture) Not worn before.

The school's internet went bonkers again today. Grr. Just saw a very ridiculous article. Shall write about it in the next entry, with one more picture of my boyfriend! :D

Recommend more good and suitable compact digicams to me okay? I love the F50fd one but it'll take me a super long time to save up. Teck says it's $600++! Shall consider other models :(

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