Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Sometimes i feel like replying "fuckyou&shutup" to those mindless commentors instead of replying them properly. They wont listen to what i reply anyway, as i said, they are already BIASED against me.

I'm tired of being nice when everyone's taking it for granted. Sometimes i feel like being rude and insulting for once. Sometimes i want to curse them in the most evil way possible. It's great to be bad once in awhile. Heh.

I dont understand why some people like commenting so much about the flaws of my looks. Hello, im NOT A MODEL. i blog, and all you have to do is read my post. READ, not look at how my face look like. You think i dont know that im not slim, my eyes are small, blahblah? I look into the mirror much more than the times you look at my photos. I dont need you people to tell me what to do with my looks. My friends will do that for me. Actually, i dont mind people teaching me what i can do to improve, but it's irritating when so many of them are repeated, non-useful, uncontructive criticsms instead.

First, people say i should wear contact lenses. After wearing contacts, people say i should pluck eyebrows. After some plucking, they ask me to pluck again -.- And after that, they are going to ask me to change this change that, and then they would start asking me to go plastic surgery. And after that, people start critisizing all over again about how fake my looks are.

Stop complaining about my eye-makeup. You wouldn't know how to makeup your eye if you had a pair of eyes like mine anyway. My eyes are super difficult to makeup because they dont look good when you makeup them the usual standard way.

Duh, i dont know how many times i have to repeat this. Seems like some mindless people dont get it. Why not ban people who dont know how to makeup, fat people and ugly people from blogging? This way the internet would be a pleasant place with only beauties for you people to infest your eyes with. Why not ban them from the world you're living in too.

So well, some things happened lastnight while i was out with huimin and i went to splurge all my money on a new bag, dresses, cardigan, and accessories. Im bankrupt now, super pathetic. I still have a longlist of things to buy!!

Today is me and boyfriend's ONE MONTH anni~!! Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
:) i sense some people are gonna comment about what's the big deal. It's a big deal to me, so you keep your hands away from the keyboard. thankyou.

Now that i think back about how me and boyfriend got together, it's still as amazing as ever. haha.

Sabrina had asked her photographer friend Teck to come and take photos for my birthday party. Teck asked kelvin along. On the day of the birthday party, i didn't really took much notice of them, because apparently, they are not my taste =P

All i said to them that day was: "wahlao! why you take all my candid photos!", "why you always take photo of me with mouth open!", "eh, can help me take photo of this?"...

LOL. after the birthday party, kelvin added me in msn and he started churning out the photos. I kept nagging him to do the photos fast, and he kept telling me random things like what he's doing, what he's eating, blah blah. He has lots of sms to spare. hahaha.

Whenever he tells me he's out of the house to eat or shop, i'll hurry him to go home fast and continue churning out the photos. I remember something he said: "Wah, your face look scary up close..." wahlao! i never ask him to zoom in on my pictures loh! And so, we chatted alot those few days. Then one day we met up again to go for dinner and shopping.

And after that day, we got closer. He started sweetalking, but not those very direct kinds. His sweetalks are damn unique and sweet, i like. I dislike those normal sweetalks. They are so plain! Soon, i started falling for his sweetalks. He started calling me "dear".

We went out afew times, and after some half-hugs, holding hands, he popped the question. From then on, he had been the best boyfriend i could ever ask for. His efforts, his patience, and the way he put in so much just to make me smile. What more could i ask?

The way he loves me far surpassed the fact that he's not my usual taste and he's not those hunks i usually fall for. I love him the way he is, and i dont care what he wears, because that's his own choice. (so people, stop asking me to change him. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket )

im looking forward to the next :)

How can we keep the relationship fresh?

Hmm. On another note, i was quite sad over this recent incident - the dragonboat accident at cambodia.

Quoted from channel news asia:
" The Singapore boat capsized as the 22 men were rowing back to the starting line at the end of the 1.5-kilometre Cambodia-ASEAN Traditional Boat Race.

Five men are missing after the incident, all members of the new national dragon boat team that was formed about a year ago. "

The five young men passed away. It might be due to their tired bodies after that whole race, so they can't really swim properly. This incident makes me think about how fragile life is. It's very scary to think about it. Those 5 men are still young, and should have a long future ahead but suddenly they are gone. I dont know how i would feel if they were my friends.

Cherish everyone around you!

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