Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Decided to blog about the day part by part because we really took many pics! Didn't want to blog about everything at once in case you people get bored and fall asleep. haha.

Went to the Vicious Lady's condo in the morning, without makeup. Yes, without makeup! I went out of the house without makeup!! But of course, i used a shade to cover my eyes lah. This way, the public wont really get to see me without makeup. haha.

Took a shuttle bus and tried to smuggle into her condo. Haha. When the security guard came in, he looked at me with a very strange look. I looked back with a strange look too and gave a smile. He smiled and went down the bus. All this while i was wearing the shades, and so i sucessfully smuggled in!

Well, who's the Vicious Lady? She's Jessica! She's really really very evil and vicious. REALLY! Tomorrow i'll show you people a very vicious look of hers.

She put on makeup for me, and at the same time realise that my face is very hard to makeup perfectly. NOW I HAVE A WITNESS! i always say my features are super hard to makeup with the 'normal' way, but nobody believes! Everyone would say: "No... you go try. will look nice one..." How many times do i have to say that i've tried a million ways and none works? I shall just stick to the way i put makeup currently, and i dont care whether it's the correct way or not because i think of all the 'normal' ways that people have shown me, i like mine best.

This is me with uneven eye makeup. We spend super much time trying to make both eyemakeup equal. Okay, maybe only me. Jessica says it looks alright from afar but for me i have to make sure i look alright far and near before i can take a rest. My fake eyelashes couldnt stand properly.

I knocked my head against the shelf at Jessica's room. Super pain luh. Have blueblack already :(

Here are afew random and camwhore photos. You dont know how much our heels hurt our feets.

Jessica, and her super mini dress.

Look at how droopy my eye looks. This was how i look like when i left jessica's home. I kept grumbling about how my eye makeup is unequal, and jessica chose to ignore me! haha. she's evil.

This was after i retouch my makeup. Finally im satisfied after half of the day is almost gone. haha.
"Shopping" at the children's corner.

The wand i was holding on to was super pretty in real life!


Do check back for more photos in the next post!

*disclaimer: Those photos of me looking extremely white is of course processed by photoshop before. Eyebags are not very obvious in the pics because i might have rubbed them off with photoshop too! :)

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