Saturday, November 24, 2007

I have a lame sister!!
I was using my laptop in the living room, and she was using the com in the studyroom. She tried to spam me on msn so that my laptop will lag. Well, she failed and in return i nudged her continously. Her com lagged instead. Hahahaha.

After awhile i got bored and ignored her msn messages. When i opened up, i saw this:


I counted. There are in total 1013 emoticons!! -.-

Ohwell, here's a video that she showed me. Not bad, but i think the main guy in the show not handsome one. Lol. The bad guy in the video looks much nicer. Heh. Oh ya, and why are korean girls always so fierce on screen??

I feel his love. I know his efforts.
But i wonder, how long will it last?

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