Sunday, November 4, 2007

This entry was supposed to be up last night but my internet connection kept appearing and disappearing. Just as i was about to press on Publish Post, it disconnected again! Was feeling lazy to retrieve it back so i just went to sleep.

Nothing much, just dumping some random photos here;

Shall update a very nice story that i found on another blog soon.

If you realise, i havent been going out much with camwhoric people recently! Aaaahhh. Where have all the camwhore people gone to?? One of them is staying at home everyday just to save money so that he can buy a particular thing which he has recently fallen in love with -.- Sian ah!

I have a one week school holiday but my home internet connection has gone bonkers, appearing and disappearing every 5 minutes! What a wrong timing -.-" If i dont go out, i'll go crazy.

Boyfriend is having flu and im having abit of sorethroat. Gah. Get well soon, *pats myself*.

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