Friday, November 16, 2007

Right after lunch at Terra, me and jessica went down to CityHall and ATE AGAIN! This time it's Gelare. Jessica was craving for brownie.


After having so good service at Terra, jessica was astonished when they asked us to write our orders on paper and board ON OUR OWN and walk to the counter to give it to them. LOL.

Jessica showing her signature sulk again. Haha.

We requested for the Raspberry Sorbet to be separated from the brownie so that we can enjoy the HOT brownie slowly! it was not warm enough for Jessica at first so she went to ask the staff to make it hotter. The staff was kind enough to do it without complains.
We ate the sorbet halfway, and then request for the counter staff to freeze it for us until we finish eating our cakes. LOL. we're troublesome girls. It's great that the staff could still smile and do what we want sincerely.
You should have seen Jessica's face when she took the first bite. It's dense with cheese!

She wasn't really looking at my boobs lah. She was just lying down on me and after we took the pic we laughed about how it look like she's looking at my boobs. I dont have much boobs for her to see anyway. haha!

I think this photo of her is pretty :D
Jessica DIGGED a BIG hole in the cheesecake and happily look at it.

Esther: "You might have that big piece. I'll take this BIGGER one. "

Okay, i didn't really eat that big piece.

Jessica HAOLIAN about her chanel bag!!

Jessica proceed to SLEEP in the middle of so many walking passerbys. I look at her and felt like sleeping too, but guess what would happen when 2 girls are sleeping in the middle of citylink! I try to keep my eyes open by camwhoring. JESSICA PIG.

Two more White White photos! haha.

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