Monday, November 26, 2007

Went to Airport Terminal 3 Open House with Boyfriend 2 days back. This time, it wasn't a date! He had a gathering with his forum friends, and he brought me along. Wahlao, 7 guys 1 girl. That was okay, just that besides being the only girl in a bunch of unknown guys except my boyfriend, i was also the only one in the group who was not into Information Technology stuffs. i think they are geniuses, cos they could talk about numbers and computers whole day without getting bored. yawns.

Almost all of them had those professional kind of cameras! After the whole day out with them i had the urge to buy one too! But after much thought, it'll become quite useless because i wont dare to take it out in the middle of a restaurant to take photo of the food. Haha. I shall stick to aiming for a digicam! :D

Boyfriend came to fetch me from my home. Took a taxi down as we are already late. I think it's because i took a long time dressing and makeup. Hehe.

*two photos deleted due to over brightness on another computer*
When we reached there Boyfriend bought me BlackForest from the coffeebean to distract myself, while he continued to chat technology stuffs with his friends. I felt like a little girl tagging along behind some adults!

Tickets Tickets! $3 per person for tour into restricted area with tourguide.

Many people queuing up for tour.

Our tour guide!! Talkative fellow.
We got stucked at the same place listening to the tourguide rambling on and on about dont know what. Thats why boyfriend got bored and took a picture of this escalator.

Oh ya! And this is shawn!! He's my father's friend's son. And we always go to his house during newyears or christmas time. His house is damn fun loh, got those built-in karaoke that works exactly the same way as real karaoke rooms work. Look at menu, key in number, and the song will wait in queue! They also have playstations, many computers, many beds to jump on, and etc etc etc! Haha. I think he's gonna kill me after he sees his picture here.

Guess what the touguide said?
'the glass are tampered glass so its expensive and also can see through...'

hahahahaha. which glass cannot see through?!

We had to wear this sticker to show that we are from the purple group. I saw another group which has pink sticker!!! *envies*

Boyfriend. Boyfriend. Boyfriend =X
it's a green green world inside!

They said that Singapore is no long the best airport in the world already. Awww. Now we are in 3rd place, behind malaysia and another country (china, i think)....


yea, we got stucked in another random place because the tourguide talktalktalktalktalk. and we began taken random pics of random things.

I think this fountain is nice!!!! The tourguide says we cannot go in because it's still constructing.
3 young rebellions ran in! LOL.
They are super cute! Boyfriend and his friends immediately took out cameras to shoot shoot shoot. Haha. A photographer's first instinct.

Airport no internet connection!

I got super bored when the guys began snapping the aeroplane. No interest in looking at aeroplanes!

Especially when im in a crowd like this.
Super longgggggg lens.

Boyfriend Loves Children.

This one is super cute!!

The tourguides look typically the same?? *looks at the stomach =x * Just kidding. im fat too, cannot laugh other people. Hee.

I have no idea why they like taking photos of the trolleys.

I took group shot for them! :D

Can you see those lcd screens under the word immigration? We have no idea why they had to put so many of them there.

Shawn: Wahlao, waste all the money on lcd screens.
Someone: Maybe they never spend the money there leh? Maybe is sponsor leh?
Boyfriend: Maybe even the floor tiles also sponsored by some wulu brand!
Shawn: -.- Then if everything sponsored, where all the money go?!

SomeoneA: Can we pass the customs with a laptop?
SomeoneB: Yes, because it's personal thing. If you want bring a girl inside your luggage also can, cos it's also personal thing :D

After the whole tour, we sat on the skytrain to Terminal 1. I remember loving the skytrain when i was a kid.

boyfriend brought me to eat here. He says it's nice.
The mashpotato is really special. There's chicken meat in it too!

Boyfriend set one of my previous photoshoots photo as his wallpaper. That pic my face so round he still say nice! Gah.

Byebye! Comment more! Thankyou :D

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