Monday, November 19, 2007

Last night i saw a crawling cockroach at the coffeeshop and immediately i moved as far as possible away from it. I told mum: "Cockroach!" while pointing to it, and guess what mum did? She walked towards the cockroach, and suddenly she stamped on it, flattening the cockroach! OMG. I was super shock because i remember that mum is afraid of cockroaches too!

Me: Huh?! i thought you scared of them?? *shocked face*
Mum: I have to protect my daughter mahs.
*then mum proceed to face the cockroach, pointed towards me and said: "it's her who caused your death ah, not me. Want revenge go find her, dont find me."

After awhile i saw the cockroach trying to move. Behind it was a trail of white substance that is most probably the cockroach's insides. GROSS!! I almost puke. Gah. That's why i always prefer to let insects escape than killing them whenever they get near me.


Anyway, here are the last few photos of the day out with Jessica. We went to the toilet many many times!! Girls girls girls girls girls.
Model Casting. There were so many pretty girls there! Lucky i wasn't there to cast. Just accompanying jessica for hers :D

Winnie, Jessica and Me. (i look damn ugly here T_T )

Jessica, Peggy and Me.

Okay. The end. Nothing much to talk about the casting. I just sat beside and looked at the babes.

Today the school internet connection is going bonkers again! ( look at the pic below, i have 4651 popups blocked! I've been using the laptop for only several months sia, and so many popups have tried to attack me.)

All of us couldn't get into Msn, and we went to look for many other ways to get into msn. Tried EBUDDY.COM , but i can't even connect to the website, how to get into msn? Then someone told me to try MEEGO.COM. Cannot connect too! Then i tried PHONEFOX.COM. Finally i got in :D
One thing i like about it is that we can edit our words! We can bold, strike-off, underline the words like when we are blogging. At first i also think that the changing colour thing is great, but as im blogging about this i realised that Msn Messenger can do it too

The bad thing about using this website is that it's super lag. Sometimes you have to wait 3 minutes before you can see your own msg appear, and another 3 minutes for the person's reply to appear, and sometimes your own msg doesn't even appear at all.

Got fed up with it and tried ILOVEIM.COM. This one is the best!! It works normally like the original msn messenger.

(okay, while i was typing this a pop-up appeared and says that there's some problem with the server and they are going to close down my session window. Wahlao. Shouldn't have praised it so fast. )

Here are last 3 photos before i publish this post!

Okay. I guess everyone's getting sick of my face. Gonna blog about my boyfriend's photo tomorrow, IF i remember to bring my usb cable to school.

That's all~! Byebye!

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