Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I read somewhere that the number of males to the number of females in singapore is 1:2!! That means every guy can have 2 wives!!

I told my classmate this.

Me: No wonder so many girls left on the shelf!
Fazli: No. It should be no wonder so many girls chase after girls.
Ann and esther: ya hor! Good explanation for lesbians.

No wonder there are more female third party than male third parties. No wonder guys betray their partners more easily. Hmmmmm.

Ann told this joke today.

Girl A: What would you do if your husband betray you?
Girl B: I will close one eye.....
Girl A: Wah! So good ah, open one eye close one eye?
Girl B: No. Close one eye, the another eye look at him, aim using the gun, and shoot!

It sounds funnier when Ann did the actions.

Im going to work at the SITEX show at expo for the next four days! $$$$$$ *slurps*

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