Wednesday, October 31, 2007

and this morning. and now :)

Visited grandpa's house and leeched the neighbour's wireless internet connection. Hehe. Not in a very comfortable position though, because the only place where i can steal abit of connection was at the kitchen's washing machine.

Found these photos while randomly surfing.


I think the people who made this cakes are so talented!

This is probably for some IT addicts. haha.

Even the fillings are red, so that when you cut it, it seems like blood flowing out!

I dont mind having this cake, if the money are real.

Remember to brush your teeth every night to get teeth as white as this!

This is super creative luh!! Mum will love this. hahaha.

I want this!! Looks super real right. I dont know how they let the cover stay hanging in the air like that.

Okay, this is the ugliest of all.

Wow! There's actually another one, which is even more interesting. But im not gonna post up the pictures here because many underaged people read this blog. Haha. It's a cake, with an upright penis ( with the texture sia!) and it even have balls. LOL. in the picture, the birthday girl sucked/blowed the upright thingy. So now you know why i dont want to post the photos up. People will accuse me of posting porn on the blog! But yeap, creative. Can sabo friends. hahahaha.

I read the comments, and one was rather funny:

Commentor A: Imagine what it'd be like if they got the order mixed up and gave this cake to an old woman's birthday party. haha

Commentor B: She will sit on it instead of blow it.

Haha. It's kinda funny if you know what it means. Alright, let's stop this topic. Seems to dirty my blog.

I was putting eyeliner today when i suddenly remembered that i will look horrible with contact lens because i have eyebags!! Anyone knows how to remove them within a short time??

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