Monday, October 22, 2007

Tattoos, Donuts,
and Isaac's Birthday

Accompanied Isaac when he got his first tattoo done on his birthday. I think it's damn scary. I love tattoos but i wont dare to let those needles poke me! Another reason is also because i cannot have a permanent thing on my skin as i'll get bored of the same design. I would want to change design every month. Haha!

Isaac is Happy.

I think this photo look very ...... mysterious? Haha. I can't think of a word to describe.

That guy behind me is putting a tattoo on his chest.

Have to scotchtape it.
Isaac still have the mood to smile and take photos -.-
Isaac, me and Sjeting!

After that, PeiLing and SjeTing bought donuts for us! It was super yummy!

I chose the rainbow one :D
SjeTing say angeliccccccccc people must choose cute cute kind of donuts like pink or rainbow ones. Crazy. Haha. She kept teasing me about angels -.-
Isaac said the cinammon one was nice but when i tasted it i think it tasted the same as my rainbow one. Haha. Isaac tasted mine and says his one is nicer. I think the toppings all look very nice!

Either the makeup dropped, or i put very little makeup that day.My face look so dull~!

Sat on the bus accompanied them to Vivo. Long journey.

Just found out that our school have CHEESE prata! I love cheese, oh damn. Anyway, i think im really bad influence to the girls in my class. One minute i would be "hey, i feel like eating icecream! lets all go eat icecream later okay?" and another minute i would be "Accompany me eat this okay? All fat together. Hee."

And them, being really nice girls, was dragged into eating alot of fatty food with me. Haha.

Went to search for Jaychou's new song's mv. He looked super funny in the new mv sia. So unlike him. But he's cute and i still like him :D
(here's the link of the video if you cant view it from below: )

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