Monday, October 15, 2007

I was looking through the unpublished entries that i've writen and saved in my blogger's account in the past, and found this.

Q and J were the perfect couple.
They love each other.

J did many sweet things for her before,
and Q depended on him alot.

They went through many many hurdles.
J's mother loved Q.

They planned to get married.
they even thought of the babies' names.

Then, a 3rd party came in.
She was L.

One month later,
J cheated again.
this time, it was E.
and now, it's a story between Q, J, L and E.

E didn't know anything at first.
She suspected J wasn't honest,
but she never thought it would be so complicated.

Everything was okay for quite some time.
E thought J was treating her better as time goes by.
E listened to J, and did whatever he asked her to.
She listened to J, gave up mini pants,
paused her social life and stopped skipping school.

Then one sudden day,
Q contacted E.
Q told E about herself and the another girl, L.
Q showed all the evidence.

E didn't know what to do.
Q and E talked for several nights.
Q told E about the many memories she had with J.

Q told E about her past with J.
E could see that Q was a special person to J,
and E knew that J would never love her as much as he loved Q

E was devastated.

E confronted J,
but he didn't spend any effort to explain.

J was angry at Q for spilling the beans.
Q tried to commit suicide with pills.
J told her:
"God gave you a life, so treasure it."
After that, he never called again to make sure she's fine.

E was Q's companion for that night.
Both couldn't fell asleep.
Two girls who were disappointed in one guy,
the same guy.

All along, L didn't know anything.
She was happy, J was treating her right.

E fell weak and depressed.
She crumbled. She couldn't find her way.
She dont know what to do,
to be tough, or to give way.

E talked to J.
J tried to explain.
E knew everything he said were just excuses,
but she chose to act like she believed.
Afterall, she was an expert at lying to herself.
she thinks... "at least i'll be happier this way..."

E only wanted everything to be like before.
She could pretend nothing ever happened.
She could hide how much she cares that the hand she was holding, was holding another girl's hand on the other side.

E's friends taught her to be tough,
But E didn't want to listen.
People around E wanted the old E back.

E was a tough and cheerful girl,
but now she was only swallowing herself in sorrows.

That day, E was feeling very down.
She accepted a fling date for the afternoon.

After the fling, E thought of J again.
E was left hanging by a thread in the sky.
She hadn't been this much depressed for a long time already.

E finally went out with friends.
E enjoyed herself.

E finally thought she could be back to herself.
Then, Q called again.

Q said J was getting more sweet to L.
Q stayed over at J's house that night,
but J didn't speak much to her though.
Q peeped into his phone, and
That was how she knew L was the winner.

E crumbled and cried.
It was disappointment after disappointment.
So this was the guy who she thought was kind?
So this was the guy who she thought was great?

Then, the 2nd blow came.
Q told E what happened the previous night.
Q asked J if he still loves her.
J says yes.
Q asked J if he loves the two other girls L and E.
J said No.

Q told J to insert their ring into her finger again if he still loves her. And J did.

E crumbled again.
She knew she has to move on.
She could never get that much love from J.
She was just a companion and someone who shouldn't have even appeared.

With the help of her friends,
E became back to herself.
She stopped being depressed, &
transformed back into the cheerful her.

E has since moved on,
and no matter what happens between
J, Q or L,
She doesn't care anymore.
They're out of her life.

I wasn't Q. I wasn't L.
I was the 4th party, E.

This happened quite some time ago.
You dont have to guess who is J.

I might have blogged about him in the past,
or maybe i've never mentioned about him before.

I wont say who he is,
because we are still friends now and i dont want his reputation to be tarnished.

- - - - - - - - - -
Dont worry lah, that relationship wasn't recently.
im a very contented and happy girl now, most of the time :)

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