Saturday, October 6, 2007


Thank for all those who made the effort to come to the party last night and those who spent on presents for me and isaac. I'm really happy :)

Yesterday was really busy, and there was too many different groups of friends there. Worst thing was, the place was too big so Isaac and I were tired out from running here and there to make sure that each group of people wouldn't feel bored. Sorry if the party wasn't that glam or properly organised. Me and isaac were bad planners! Hahaha. Everyone was just mingling with everyone. If i had neglected any of the guests last night, im sorry!

Photos are with the photographers. Will blog about the party once i get the disc from them.

Anyway, i saw the "hey gorgeous!" crew yesterday at school. FionaXie is super duper chio chio chio chio!! There was too much things on my hand at that time so i didn't get to take a photo of her. OMG. After that, many of my friends exclaimed to me: "i saw fionaxie just now! her boobs are damn wow sia!" And then i realise that i was too mystified with her face that i even forgot to look at her boobs!!

I dont need her boobs. I just want her face. I dont mind having a flat chest if i could have her looks. Hee.

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