Thursday, October 25, 2007

My class is junkfood class. The girls always bring chocolates, titbits, blahblah, everything fattening into the class to share. FAT FAT FAT.

Met up with Kelvin again lastnight for dinner. Went to tampines mall first but didn't feel like eating anything there. There are so much stuff but nothing special. Kfc, Macdonalds, Pasta Mania, we can find them almost ANYWHERE in singapore!

Took a cab to CHANGI VILLAGE in the end.

Kelvin recommended this Ipoh Horfun, but i think it tasted normal. lol. Not bad luh.
Everytime go hawkercentre sure drink sugarcane.
Kelvin says this stall's goreng pisang is nice, so he bought it. It's NICE!! Sweet :D
And the best thing is...........

I super love stingray! This stall's one is very spicy but we finished everything up. It's really nice nice nice nice nice. If fullmarks is 5 stars, i give it 6!
After that we went to a hotel nearby.

hahahaha. This saturday he's going to bring me to buy my first contact lens!! Im so excited! Will it be painful? Should i buy coloured, make-eyes-bigger, or normal kinds???

I also want to redye my hair soon. If possible, i want to change hairstyle too! Dont know what kind of style though. Any suggestions?

I suggested this but isaac says it's looks almost like my current one. I want long long long long long hair~~

P/S: Dont ask me to dye black ! I dont want, and i dont care how trendy it is currently.

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