Saturday, October 20, 2007

Gosh, i can't believe i just wasted 1 and a half hour of my saturday afternoon sleeping!! Just got home not long ago and just plopped on the bed.

I always think that sleeping in the afternoon is a waste of time when i can do so much other things. I only sleep when there's nothing better to do. That's why im always sleeping on the bus. Haha.

Still, im in a uber good mood recently. Yippies :D

I've been playing facebook alot this few days! At first i didn't know how to use it but i just anyhow explore since it's always boring in class. Kinda addicted to it already. I loved gambling on the races, but they always make me lose munny :(

Im left with only 6 munny now because i betted all my munny on a fast animal and it lost!!! Grr.


Celebrated with family on the exact date of my birthday. Photos of me are without makeup, so i dont want to post it up. hees. Just the cake here! (that's not my hand!)



Previous classmates treated me to Sakae Sushi for birthday celebration~! Went shopping with isaac before that, so they waited for me at the arcade. The boys were so concentrated on their racing that they didn't even noticed when i reached and sat beside them. haha.

Melody_006 Melody_010Melody_009Melody_015
Melody_016 Melody_008

I love eating teriyaki chicken :D

This potato not nice one.

Soft shell crab is yummy, but i dont like eating such a big piece of seaweed!

And so, i opened up and only eat the contents! Haha.

We all love chawanmushi! We ordered from the computer at the side, and junfei was saying order 6 of them! no no, 7!!

And so, everyone ate alot of this that night -.- Hee. usually i only eat the egg, and throw the contents to my friends.
Melody_007 Melody_013

Shi Ting anyhow ordered vegetables, because from the menu it looks like softshellcrab!

So how did we clear it? We played open-numbers! haha. And 3 rounds we played, 3 rounds Shi Ting lose the game. She ate up the whole plate in the end. Haha. Damn funny.

Then we ordered alot of fried tofu and TakoYaki. They came in big plates.

We couldn't finish the takoyaki in the end, and so we played open-number again! It was really fun. Laughed so much.

You guys dont have to view this video. Nothing special about it. Just us playing open-numbers. Haha.

Thanks for the celebration :)


My new classmates had actually wanted to raise money for my bday present, but after realising that our class have 4 october babies, we decided to hold a birthday party for all october babies!

This cake is super yummy~!


One of the october babies was away.

Thanks Sheryl, Ann, and the rest :D

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