Sunday, October 14, 2007

today is ISAAC's

Went to accompany him to put on his first tattoo today! i will blog about it some other days after i take the photos from him.

Some days back, i went out with Kelvin, and he treated me to Swensens! YumYum. I ate this cup of icecream. Very very very nice~!

He ate this brownie with icecream.
He got iphone! Cool luh. Touchscreen sia, fun to play with!

After that, i asked him to teach me some photography skills using his camera. I didn't know that it was so complicated to use those kind of cameras. Have to adjust alot of things.

Here are some of the photos that i took that day.
I like this one! Couldn't find any caption for it though. Haha.

And the rest below are edited ones!

After that we went for some shopping but surprisingly i couldn't find anything that i like. hmmph! let's go shopping again some other time.

Gah. I dont know what im blogging about. So sian. Okay, i shall get back to compile my bday photos. People are already complaining that im slow!

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