Sunday, October 7, 2007


I guess most of you are here to look at the birthday party photos right? Sorry, but the photographers says that we can only get the photos by next week. A total of around 600 photos! I'll try to pick the nicer ones only so that the bday party entry doesn't get too boring. Haha.

(Almost everyone at the party asked if i was the one who hired the two photographers that were holding professional looking cameras in their hands. Of course NOT luh. I wont spend so much money on photographers lor. LOL. those two men who kept taking candid photos of us were provided by Sabrina. Thanks uh! )

Since the photos havent been compiled, let's be patient and meanwhile, i shall blog about other things that happened before my bday! Was so busy that i didn't update on alot of things!

Here's a random update, with photos :D

Forgot to upload this photo into that entry i wrote some time ago. Me and Isaac.

This is the only photo i have of mooncake festival. Went to ikea & ate chicken wings that night instead of lighting lanterns. Haha.

Okay, here's a very LAME series of photos.

I also dont know why i at that time so BOLIAO. hahahahaha.

Saw this on the bus. Stupid options for the question. LOL. I wonder if any participant would enter option "C" as their answer???

SIT ON THE FLOOR! imagine someone sitting on the floor in the bus while it's very crowded. wahaha.
Accidental shot of Junfei. Artistic hor.
Caption is: "When he walks away..."


Fred asked me to watch a Drama Play with him. It's called "Reality Crashes in".

Nice show.

15 minutes Breaktime. Whole lane of people smoking. This is Fred!
Valie saw me after the show.

Valie: Hello Esther!
Me: Who are you?
Valie: This is my bf. *pointing to a hunk beside her*
Me: Oh! You are Valie?!

An egg sandwich i made last weekend. It tasted horrible =x

Candy Floss! Guess what is the flavour?
It was Orange flavour!! Grr. The pink colour was so deceiving. Orange flavoured candy floss doesn't taste nice luh.

And er. The most unique birthday greeting i received yesterday.

It's Christabel's birthday today.

i'm going to her birthday party now. Byebye! i'll update soon :D

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