Sunday, October 21, 2007

Isaac and Me had our first baby yesterday! On facebook. haha.

Dressed up the little baby. Cute right?! I wanted a female baby but he went to make a boy one. Gah. We named it Denver!

Does it look like isaac or more like me? None, i suppose. Haha. Isaac filled in the wrong genetic profile -.-

I insist on having a female baby because they looked damn cute, so i made one myself! Named it Melody. It's super super cute luh! I want to hug it to sleep. Hee.

Here's my fluffpet, called HappyHappy. okay, quite a lame name, but it does look happy doesn't it? I feed it good food hor. If you guys ever chanced upon it in facebook, do feed it with steak k? hee.

I totally love Benjamin's Pet lah! So cute lor. But he go and name it Labusai. What the hell is that.

Anyway, isaac showed me this blog of a 12 year old girl. We ended up laughing like siao. Read what she wrote!

And you know what is the funny part? Isaac is total strangers with the owner of this blog! I was there when isaac made his tattoo, and the only people who accompanied him was me, sjeting and peiling! It's a wonder how come some people have the cheek to blog about something that totally didn't happen. The picture of the uncle was ripped off isaac's blog, and everything that she said that happened, were all made up by her imagination.

Wahs. Even if she want to fake that she's friends with someone when she's not, also pick someone less famous right. Isaac leh! Hundreds of people read his blog everyday, she not scared her real-life friends found out meh -.- Haha!

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