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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Me and Isaac's Birthday Party 2007

We havent got all the photos from the photographers, so here's abit to satisfy you people!

The 5 bloggers.
Winnie (RoaringQueen), Isaac (luvhisass), Esther (iceangel), Ben (Typical), Jayden (leif)!

Birthday Boy and Girl.

Fiona, Me and Bel.
I love my girls ^^

My lovely cake bought by Fiona :)

More than half of the guests had to leave before the cake cutting session, so here's a video that Jayden videoed down of it. Damn Funny lah! But dont know who triggered the wedding tune while we were making wishes -.-"
(alternate link:

The party was all thanks to the generous sponsors:

Food: SjeTing, Xiaoping, Lester, Sabrina, Jason
Drinks: Grace, Joyce, Felicia, Janel
Photographers: Weeteck & Kelvin (volunteered), recommended by Sabrina
Location: Fred
Cake: Fiona, Smalljon, Derick, Sisi, Minjuan, Peiwen and Samuel.
My gorgeous white heels: Melissa
My black dress: Samantha

That night was great.

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