Thursday, October 18, 2007


Whooosh! I finally finished uploading all the bday photos! Wah, I upload and sort the photos into categories until I hand pain sia. I was too lazy to edit most of the photos, except for some which are obviously heavily photoshopped. Im aware that some photos are too bright. They look normal in my laptop but when I view them from my computer, I was horrified at how white my face is

XiaoPing and Fiona helped me with the food in the morning. Met up with Isaac, Lester and Mingyuan in the afternoon and we went over to that Cheapo ShengSiong to buy the cutlery and random stuffs. Gosh, we felt so cheapskate: “This one cheaper! Eh no, that one more cheap! No, that one up there more cheap!”

Reached the place afew minutes before the party time, and we rushed to get things prepared. Stephen met us early to help out.

Isaac don’t know how to tie his skinny tie -.-

I actually know how to tie one! But then it has been a year since I last tied a tie, so errrr, I forgot how to tie. Passed it to Xiaoping in the end to tie it instead. Heh.

XiaoPing has been a lot of help for the planning of this bday party. Me and Isaac were lazy and bad organizers, but it was lucky that we had her to organize things for us. Thanks sweetie :)

Fred, sponsor of the location, helped to start the fire. Thank ah! I think I troubled him a lot because of this bday celebration because he had to take care of a lot of things.

Machiam want to fight lydat.

Heated up the buffet food. The food ran out within the first 2 hours! Oh my. Everyone hungry.

People kept calling me and isaac’s hp to ask the directions. We were busy like hell. Sometimes I don’t even know who called, and I just answered them. After putting my hp back into my bag, the phone ring again. Pek Chek!

Joleen and her friend reached early! Concidentially, her friend YaHui studies in the same school as me! I love the both of them. Friendly babes :)

Fred also booked the multi-purpose hall. People who don’t like to sweat can just stay in the aircon room.

My new classmates came early, right after school. Thanks for coming! They made themselves comfortable using their laptops in the comfort of the sofas.

And then, the girls started to camwhore. Cute luh! people, stephen, and jayden.

Joleen eating the packet of sweets that dinglong bought for me!

Melissa looks chio here.
Sasi hates pink, so that's the reason why im uploading this photo of him holding a pink laptop. wahahah.

Stephen and fred.

Asked those who are free to blow up the balloons. Haha.

Some of my secondary school classmates!

(all photos not in sequence of time. lazy to arrange lah)

Caiwei and Me.
Her eyes are super huge! *envies*

The twins and me!

Sheryl and her friend.


Sabrina!! Sorry that i didnt entertain her much.

Joleen, me, melissa and yahui.

I love my secondary schoolmates!

Carmen, me, Joanna.

Me and Ruoxuan.


Bestie and me.

Cutie cake and me!

Here's one of the photographer, Kelvin. He's a rich guy. Wahahaha =x

Fiona bought the cakes.

Christabel came too! With her boyfriend.

Carmen, Joanna, Me and Lisee!!

Me and jayden!

Maryline and her friends with me and isaac.

Joleen, Me, Melissa, Yahui.

me with zoe! it was so long since i last saw her, and her looks changed alot~ for the better.

Most people had to leave before cake-cutting session.

I only put this photo up because i think benjamin looks super shuai here. haha.

Typical Miracle Ass!

Know why it's 16, 17, 18, 19?
Because isaac is 16 years old, im 17 years old, benjamin is 18 years old and jayden is 19!

Felicia and me!

Winnie, Juney & Me!


Watch the cake cutting process here:

One is a great guy and another is a cute one.

I took super long to do this. Show some appreciation by leaving a comment okay?
:) Thanks to those who came to the party.

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