Monday, October 29, 2007

Im still wearing spectacles!

Kelvin brought me to his friend's spectable shop at Marina Square on saturday and i did some eyetest thingy. He says the stock will only arrive next week because my degree of "shang guang" is quite high so i cannot wear normal contact lens that dont have any degree of "shang guang".

$130! For 3 months supply i think. Acuvue, and it's the normal kind. Kelvin wanted to buy daily lenses for me but the shop person says that it would cost $100 plus per month, so we switched to 2-weeks or monthly one. He says that i have dry eyes :( hope it wont be painful when i put on contact lens.

Bought fake eyelashes after that, because if i wear contact lenses i must have long eyelash or else i would look abit weird.. Gosh, have to spend alot on fake eyelashes in the future because mascaras dont work on my super short eyelash :(

Money money, come come.

Everyone i asked have ate Donuts from Donuts Factory all except me! Feel so suaku lor. haha. Kelvin went to buy and we had 3 donuts each. Actually i ate only 2 and 1/4 because i was too full. Heh.

I only like the strawberry ones. Hmm. I think munchydonuts taste alot nicer than donut factory. Donut factory's donuts have no taste one. Hmm, maybe they got overpowered by the sweet things on top, but munchydonuts's donuts still got donut taste even with the sweet things on top.

Went over to the arcade and played games. Racing cars and kelvin shooting random monsters. After that went to shop around abit but didn't buy anything.

Kelvin had nights off and we went to have dinner! Had actually wanted to eat LongJohnSilver's fish but in the end some problem cropped up with the queue and Kelvin dragged me off to eat this.

I totally love Ajisen's ramen.

I started eating and forgot to take a photo of the ramen. That's why it look messy here. Haha.

If i become fat, it is Kelvin's fault! He kept feeding me with yummy food. Swensens, Manhattan Fish, Stingray, Ajisen, Donuts, etc.

But. I dont mind lah :D
I mean i dont mind eating yummy food. But i do mind about my fats!

Zoe and isaac came to visit me in school 2 weeks ago! haha. The last time they came we went to mess around at the swimming pool but this time we only slacked in the canteen playing facebook. Haha.

We couldn't take any nice photo that day, because zoe and isaac just woke up and looked funny. haha.

Haven't been going out much recently. Everyday was school school school. Boring luh. I need to shopppppppp!! who wants to sponsor?!!

Met angelina at the interchange just now and she told me holidays are coming! i have one week holiday next week, one month holiday in december, and 10weeks holidays in february!!! Hurray. Me and Angelina calculated, if we worked everyday during that 10weeks holiday and earn $50 per day, we'll have $3500 by the time school reopens. Lalalala. So excited for the holidays.

School is boring.

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