Monday, October 1, 2007

Even E-Buddy knows that nudges are irritating.

Fiona and me are using computers opposite each other! This computer's msn messenger has some problem, so i couldn't log in. Gah.

Logged into the fabulous , a site to use when you cannot log into your real msn messenger. One thing i dont like about it is that it's blue in colour! Blue is such a boring colour.

I didn't know that there was a nudge button in e-buddy too! I thought the e-buddy version was those outdated kind.

I sent a nudge to fiona for fun.
And then i sent it again to irritate her. This was what came out of the screen.

So cute! The real msn messenger's [you may not send a nudge that often] is so boring compared to this lah. Maybe they should change their boring statement into "Dont be irritating to your friends." , so that Choongming the ultimate nudger will learn and stop nudging me with every sentence he writes! Oh ya, i think that the auto-message function is also very irritating. Gah. Everytime after i type something in one window and move on to the other, the previous window would bounce back showing me the auto-message. Can't people just switch off their auto-message function when they are chatting with someone???

Anyway, fiona blocked me after i sent a nudge to her :(
Cannot irritate her already. SIAN.

No fun.
who wants me to nudge you??


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