Saturday, October 13, 2007

I think Fiona has made me addicted to shopping and play. Everyday when i go school, open laptop, i'll definitely sigh the word "SIAN" more than 10 times within one hour.

Okay, it's time to clear all these overdued photos and blog about them. I have a total of FOUR days to blog about. Long entry ahead, i suppose.


It was a bad morning, so i went over to her house to slack. After afew hours my mood became better and we went out!

Fiona's nice legs. Wheeeeee.

Fiona has a whole wall of full-length mirror near her door. If im her, i would stand there looking at the mirror whole day long :D

Went to Miss Clarity Cafe at Bugis.

Fiona's salad came first. I dont like raw veggies.

Everytime we go out, we would always order Nuggets side order to share. Yum Yum.

My main course was this stirfry chicken with rice. Not bad lah, except that i dont like the chillies.

Fiona had Ramen. She complained that it tastes like maggi mee.

The strawberry icecream dessert was nice~!

Went shopping after that. Bought 2 tops and a dress. And this necklace.

Esther: i want the "Bes" part ah.
Fiona: Huh~~ I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part. I want the "bes" part....
Esther: Hanah. Hanah. You take "bes", i take the "tie" lah.


Super long bus journey back home.


Met samantha on the bus, and suddenly we felt like shopping! Went to search for a dress :D


This time, to buy heels. I love high high high heels!

Had teabreak at whitesand's YaKun, before we went down to bugis.


Went to shop with Lester and Isaac!

Isaac wanted to buy a skinny tie, Lester wanted to buy a top, i wanted to buy heels and something to wear under a semi-transparent dress that samantha bought for me recently.

Even before we started shopping, we were already looking for a place to sit down and eat something! We found this place.

Isaac says got nice fries so we went in. I secretly took a photo of them ordering food.

And Lester also secretly took our pics! Isaac look funny here. Haha.

Isaac kept laughing at how funny i looked here. I think he look more funny at the picture above lor.......

Their milktea was NICE.

Saw Isaac's friend there. Chloe is friendly! I like friendly people.. Hahaha.

Isaac and Lester are great shopping partners because they are so patient, unlike some guys who will always give a glum face whenever they accompany girls shopping. When they walk into a girl's shop with me, the first thing that they will look out for is a SOFA to sit -.- LOL!

When there's sofa, they'll let me look at the clothes for as long as i want. If there's no sofa, they'll exclaim "WHY THIS SHOP NO SOFA ONE!" hahahahaha.

Bought this gorgeous pair of heels. It's abit pain when i wear it though.

Isaac saw another two friends, and the five of us walked together. Wahlao. Those two girls, tall and super skinny. Isaac, tall and super skinny. Lester, tall and super skinny. Me? Shortest and fattest among them lor! Grrrr. I wish all my friends can become fatter. Hee.

Okay. Finally blog finish about those 4 days. Nothing interesting, but i had fun going out with friends. I love them :D

The only bad thing is that im now bankrupt. Left only $2 in my wallet. Pathetic!

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I still have lots of other overdued photos. Blog about them next time. BB for now!

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