Wednesday, October 24, 2007

on facebook and isaac doesn't know =X

(this whole post is regarding facebook, so if you dont have an account, you wont know what im blabbling about. you can proceed to skip this entry. heh. )

Afew days after mating with isaac, two other guys hooked up with me and we mated! Out came two babies.

First it was Wayne.
Out pop a baby girl! We named it Rainbow, although it is not colourful at all.

And then, Kelvin and i had this babyboy!
I think kelvin has bitter genes, so that's the reason why our baby looked so gloomy! My genes is always smiling one lor! Named it Aaron.

Those two above are illegitimate babies. Haha. This one below is the legal one that i had with isaac. I find him super cute with this facial expression!!
Hmmm, i still love my own Melody the most, which i made all by myself without mating with any guy. Heh. Cutest, of all the 4 kids i have right?!

MELODY!! she look playful.

Okay, i think im too indulged in facebook. I love those babies luh! Feel like hugging them to bed. Haha. Another application that i like is the Superlatives!

It is an application which your friends can label you. For example, they have to choose a friend in their list which best fits the title: "Most likely to be a beauty queen." or "Most likely to miss lunch just to read Cinderella" or something.

Guess what have people labelled me?
So far, these:

- Most likely to walk into a pole.
- Most likely to push on a door that says pull.
- Most likely to have a blonde moment.
- Most likely to be the most creative

Wah. Yuan lai everyone see me as such a blur girl. Haha. I like the last one more :)

Another thing i like in facebook is the description where you have to filll in how you met that particular friend. I had fun filling in the details for those that i met randomly. For example, I wrote in isaac's one: "Met randomly. In Macdonalds. Isaac was DRAGGING someone along behind him and Esther was munching on frenchfries"

It was pure concidence that i met him that day. haha. And yeap, Isaac was really DRAGGING someone!

And for kelvin, i wrote: "Met randomly. Kelvin took super close unglam photos of Esther with his super sharp camera, and then proceed to say how scary Esther looks close up. Esther has proceeded to disturb him everyday after that. "

hee. fun thinking back :D

Oh, a GIRL has just requested for me to mate with her on facebook. Oh my, im not lesbian leh. Lol. Off to mate now. BB!

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