Thursday, October 4, 2007


Location: Rosewood Condo.
Nearest mrt station: Woodlands Mrt.

Starting point: Woodlands Mrt.

Come out of woodlands mrt = Causeway point.
Walk through Causeway point,
and cross the road to
Woodlands Civic Plaza.

Walk through it, and go up the escalator in the middle.
See this bridge? Cross it.

Walk straight all the way until you see a condo. Then, turn right and walk until you see this:
Enter the place. For people who are invited, please send your hp humbers to my comment box if you dont have my number. I'll msg you the codes to tell the security guard so that you get access to come in. (comments containing hp numbers wont be published )

When you see this, turn right.
Walk all the way straight until you see this waterfall.

Climb up the stairs.

And you will see us.

Troublesome and lazy to walk? Haha. Taxi fare from Woodlands Mrt to Rosewood Condo is only $3.80 :) Fred say one. If not $3.80, punch him and not me. Hee. If you are taking the taxi, tell the driver "woodlands ave 1".

i'm gonna take cab. walking is too much of a hassle for me!

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