Wednesday, October 17, 2007

It's 11.15 pm! I've been uploading the bday photos in class from 9.45am this morning until now. Grrr. Havent upload finish. kept having error!

Nevermind. It's late now, and im too sleepy to blog. Shall update tomorrow. Sorry people, i've already tried all my best but still unable to finish uploading. The school's internet server is super slow.

Anyway, i fell down today. Downstairs from home. Was walking normally, then suddenly my heels unbalance den plopped, i fell on rough cement and half of me landed on grass. Yuck. Scratched my knee and bended my ankle.

Wooosh. So long never fell down like this already. Pain!

Heard Jaychou's new song, [Niu Zai Hen Mang]?
I think it's uber Cute!!

Listen to how he introduced this song on radio. Super cute too! He added an "ah" behind one of his sentence. So unlike him!

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