Wednesday, July 8, 2009

With SX at swensens. I was wearing white and blue that day so i jokingly asked him to wear same colour then he really wore blue and white. hahaha. But then mine is top blue his one is top white luh.

I ate icecream only.
Totally love whipped cream. No wonder im fat. Haha.

Love the chocolate balls, but i hate that it sometimes gets stuck in my teeth while chewing.

He took so long to finally decide on this dish.

Headed over to bugis street and found peggy in her shop SIGNIFY on the second floor. Stayed there really long and tried on many many dresses. Haha.. Luckily peggy never scream at me. You all must go support her :)

SX was patient enough to stand there for so long and comment on every single dress i came out of the changing room with. I really liked a particular white dress but he say dont suit me. Alot dresses he also say dont suit me. Shit him. Lol. In the end bought a plain dark blue dress with lacey back which everyone exclaimed nice.

After we finished walking around bugis, headed over to far east plaza. Visited Milly and tried their new products.

But first, i had to remove my makeup. FULL MAKEUP.
At first i didn't want sx to see it but in the end he was in the room with me so after awhile it was inevitable that he saw my bare face. Lucky he didn't run away. HAHAHA.

ME: If you want to run away you now still got chance.
SX: If i wanted to run i would have ran away earlier without waiting for you telling me already.


Concealer. This one has a liquid side and a dry side. Depends on how you want to use it. For my eye wrinkles, i use the liquid one because i need moisture.

Foundation. This one costs $70. Milly says that the quality is near to chanel just that it doesn't have an established brand.

I tried this foundation. The application was super smooth and the powder was so fine and light that my face felt clean and doesn't feel like anything was on my face! My complexion looks so natural as though im didn't pile on any foundation. The coverage was damn good because instantly my complexion was flawless! Best thing is, it's only $30. Gosh.

And for not running away, i rewarded him with foot massage. Haha we did it together at SABAI JAI (also by Milly's) and i laughed at him cos he looked really scared.

Love the feet washing part. so comfy.

SX's massager.

My massager. He was so funny. Haha. After knowing that me and sx were worried about pain, he asked me if i want "soft, medium or hard". i said that of course i want soft soft one. Then he jokingly say: "ok, but usually if customer say they want soft i will give hard". LOL. He kept joking throughout and we found him really funny.

Massaging process.

Me and sx had different pain points. Mine was at the upper part of my lower thigh. Sx's one was at his toe bones. My massager said that it's because i walk around too much. Then he kept purposely pressing that point i had to grab and pinch sx in order not to feel so pain. Hahaha. SX commented that it was like im giving birth. LOL.

Love the other parts where it didn't involve my pain points. So comfortable to let someone else massage your legs for you.

SX's happy after the massage. Heh. Sabai Jai is at far east plaza. Go try their services. they have full body massage and shoulder/arm massage too!

After that we rushed over to this restaurant place called "Crab party" to meet his friends. The food super nice, but the irony is that their crab not very nice. Haha.

Ate crab, prawns, fried rice, super spicy kangkong and yam paste. In the end super full cos sx put so much rice on my place.

ME: oie! you thought i pig ah.
SX: aiya you always hungry one must eat more.

Love the seafood fried rice. Craving for it already!

Never take pictures. Haha. Paisei to take out my camera lah, i dont know his friends leh.

After the late dinner his friends brought us over to hougang there then met where all his other friends were at.

He accompanied me home before going back to meet his friends. The cab driver was super slow lor. Like snail lydat. Pekchek.

Daddy's gonna start nagging about me going out with sx again after seeing this entry. LOL. i wont be surprise if they start tightening my curfew again -.-

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