Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I was reading some quotes when i sent this particular one to sister on msn.

' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
Sometimes People Run, just to see if you'll come after them
' joanneCHIA says:
' joanneCHIA says:
then those athlete run for so long cus they haven see people run after them
' ESTHER * ice-angel : says:
' joanneCHIA says:
so kelian

Haha. Wonder where she got her imagination from. I never even think so far lor.


Spotted a chocolate truffles recipe on a 8day's magazine many months back and since arthur loves chocolates, i tried making them for him!

This was so long ago but i feel uneasy if i leave the pictures lying around and dont blog about it! Haha.

I dont really remember the exact recipe, but i think this was how i did it:

Hershey's Cocoa Powder.

President Whipping Cream

Two bars of Lindt Chocolate. I didn't know whether arthur likes dark or light chocolate so i bought both. A stupid mix lo.

Little cups to place the truffles.

First, pour the whipping cream into a bowl.

Heated it up using microwave.

Break up the chocolate bars.

Pour the hot milk in.

Mix until the chocolate bars melt into the cream.

Leave it to cool to a sticky paste.

Put some cocoa powder on a plate.

Pinch bite size chocolate paste and then cover it with the cocoa powder.

Leave in the fridge to harden. Presto!

Since i bought my ingredients from Paragon, in the end i count up the prices, if i had bought a ready-made box of chocolate truffles it'll be so much cheaper lor! Kena cheated. Hahah. Luckily arthur said the chocolates was nice and and he finished it all :D


A friend sent me these pictures on msn. Damn cute arent they?

Is this part of iphone's icons? Looks familar but not sure if it is.

I love this one! The brushes, lipsticks, wallet!

Pacman. Heh.


& Robots~!

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