Friday, July 10, 2009

Eating cold marshmallows. YUMMY.
I prefer it melted over the bbq grill though.

My sister has done it again.

That guy, who used to like my sister and but failed to get her heart, and now trying to act all nonchalant like he has FORGOTTEN about her, msged her on msn again yesterday:

THAT GUY said:
Er , who are you ?
THAT GUY said:
Did I add you ? Or you add me

At this point of time, my sister was thinking: "Chey, are you trying to prove a point? That you've forgotten about me??"

And so, she changed her msn nick to: "I dont talk to strangers."


And that guy replied:
"Okay.. Whatever."
*goes offline*

How come i didn't know how to be that mean to my guys when i was her age??!!!!

Updated: To thatguy making a big fuss out of this post. Hello, why would i need to USE my sister to up my popularity? I only blog about her like in 0.01% of all my entries -.- And, im blogging about her words, NOT YOU. Im not interested to write anything about YOU, I dont care about YOU.

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