Thursday, July 16, 2009

Im in blogging mood today! Feel like blogging about EVERYTHING and EVERY SINGLE PICTURE in this one post, but i wont lah. Haha.

Was feeling bored a week ago and tried my luck with the facebook search function. I tried to type in my "Chu Lian Qing Ren" 's name and surname. That... was a guy from 6 years ago.

I was lead into this page with his name but it was a private profile so i couldn't see his age and the other details. Could see the photos though, and so i went in to see. 50% of me felt that it's not him (well, people do change after 6 years right, im sure if he see my pics now he also dont know is me lor!), while 50% of me felt that his eyes were the same pair of eyes my "chu lian qing ren" had! I remember those eyes not because i remembered him throughout these 6 years but only because recently when i found my box of old neoprints, i suddenly remembered him.

And so i msged him on facebook and asked if he remembered someone called esther from 6 years ago, and also his age.

I remembered that he was 1 year younger than me, so when he replied he's a 1991 baby, i was 80% sure it's him! Then he replied again asking if im the one from tampines, then i confirm it's him already. (im not from tampines lah, but then last time i study in tampines so alot of people actually call me the esther from tampines)

And so now i have his new msn address! Havent chatted with him but sure very funny one lor! Cos it's like SIX YEARS GAP of not contacting at all leh. (at that time he just disappeared and i never got any news of him after that).

Thanks to facebook. I still find it very weird because i had never thought that i'll find him again. Haha. I wanted to check out all my other very-long-ago-flings/exes but then i realise i forgot their names/surnames.


Well, i wonder why my life can never be nice and fine for once. I never get the best of both worlds. Whenever my relationship is doing well, either my friendships or family would get rocky. If my friendships are stable, my family and relationship would be dampening my mood. If my family is peaceful and together, the friendships and relationships would be making me unhappy. If all these 3 are fine, then my financial problems would appear! Wahlao.

Whenever i get everything in my life going well, they only last for about a day before something bad happens the next day to spoil everything. Why i so suay one ah??

It's ironic that i've been having great days in my lovelife and friendships but it has to be ruined by another stupid family quarrel last night, it's annoying because i can't enjoy my happiness fully. And my financial status is always on the edge of the cliff, threatening to plunge down any time it's scary. I really dont know how i spend my money. I wonder how come i can spend so much in 24 hours, and yet not have anything much to bring home.

OH. Forgot to mention, i finally got myself a new phone! It's the Nokia E63 because im too poor to afford a blackberry nor a Nokia E71. Nevertheless, im still quite pleased with the phone! Bought the red version but im in the midst of blinging it up, so i'll show pictures AFTER that :)

SX accompanied me to get a new lanyard. Shortlisted to rainbow and gold and he chose rainbow but somehow i like the gold one more so i took the gold one in the end :D But then the colour drop off abit already after only one day. Lousy material i think. Gotta get a new one soon lo~ SX laugh at me say i stupid never listen to his decision -.- (cos the rainbow one is cloth material, this gold one is those cheap cheap elastic material). Tmd, how i know the colour will drop one ah!

Some left over pictures from the night out with the guys!

What's with the waving hands and stupid facial expressions. lol.

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(there is also a pink and a white version for this.

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