Saturday, July 11, 2009

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They are launching their new collection tonight 9pm, so be one of the first few to grab their stuffs!

Personal favourites are these items, all at affordable prices :)

As much as i love blogshops that feature ultra-pretty models, sometimes these anonymous models do have their positive side too. At least we wouldn't be too blown away or influenced by the model's charisma. Well, you know sometimes a dress might be just a plain garment but a beautiful model would somehow make you think that the dress is beautiful!

Ave29 makes me think back of the times when blogshops have all these anonymous models. haha. Nowadays every other blogshops are featured by gorgeous models. Sometimes i even wonder whether im at the site to wow at the model's beauty or to buy clothes. hahaha,

They also have a sales section going on, do check it out as well!

*Bow clips and rings are also available via this new collection!

Here comes their newest collection again!

Collection 51 spells feminine!

I specially like this piece :D So cute!

Loves at

Out With n.n and -_-!
I finally met up with Roxanne again! Missed her so much! Celine brought edward and louis along, and we went to hk cafe. I resisted the urge not to eat seafood horfun lor. lol. i spent like 20 mins deciding on whether i should eat seafood horfun or just a frenchtoast as i wasn't very hungry.

2 extra pieces of butter and more sweet sauce.

Celine is n.n cos her eyes when she smiles, is exactly like that!
For me is o.o because i always have that blur look on my face.
And roxanne is -_- cos her eyes small. LOL.

Haha. Msning with them is always fun. it's always crazy time when im with these 2 girls.

After dinner headed over to the cinema hoping to watch a movie but in the end the showtimes are all too late as I was meeting someone else after that. I changed my mind in the end and decided to let the person wait, but the seats were all front rows so we didn't buy in the end.

Headed over to the arcade to play the basketball game.

Then... we were bored again. Haha. Went down to heeren's macdonalds and crapped. And then ghost stories. Luckily i was more into playing the games on celine's blackberry than listening to them, so i didn't have much to be scared about when i go home.

Roxanne tried the new cinammon thingy and says it sucks.

The M looks like celine's eyes.

Went home with SX. Supper at macdonalds again! I love mcwings. Loves!

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