Thursday, July 23, 2009

It's so difficult to find real fruit juices in convenience stores nowadays. This morning, I was looking for a bottle of fruit juice from the 7-11 under my blk, i spent like 10 minutes looking at all the bottles' descriptions and couldn't find any real juice! All were either flavoured or have lots of sugar. I was late for school just because i dont want to drink fake fruit juice. Siao right.

Was talking on the phone with SX a couple of days back when suddenly a very familar song ran in his background. I immediately asked him what song name it is and found it in youtube!

HUA TI- by zhouhui.
The first time i heard this song was in sec3. I remembered that this song had fitted accurately for the relationship i had at that time. lol. Listen to the lyrics. It is one of those songs that have damn good lyrics.

Then i got linked to this other song, Yue Ding by ZhouHui too.

Held a casting for Chainlove last weekend. Thanks to all the girls who came down to that obscure location. Thanks for kaihui who came down to help with the makeup.

Helped Gillian do the photoshoot for Urbanstreet's next collection as well. Love the pieces for this upcoming collectoin! Will be helping the blogshop do an advertorial when the pics are ready.

The blogshop models are provided by me :) Ziyao and Steffi, both very lovable and co-operative girls. I watched steffi turned from that stiff little girl to a really natural and confident model now, and yet her working attitude is still as good as it was before. One of my favourite girls, so she is usually the priority whenever i have events assignments to give.

The dress im wearing would be featured in their upcoming collection as well! Roxanne says it's nice, Steffi likes it too! I love the top part where the white ruffles are.

Pictures taken by victor.

Almost fell down a flight of stairs just now.

Was with fiona and maisarah.
Guess what.
The Bestfriend Fiona, SIAMMED,
while maisarah grabbed me.

Lucky i managed to balance and didn't roll down that flight of stairs. I think i need to change bestfriend already. LOL.

*** collection 6 will be updating tonight at 10pm. Be the first to grab what you want :)

black layer chiffon dress is having backorders as well!

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