Friday, July 17, 2009


My new blinged up nokia E63!
Totally love my phone now :D

Gold lanyard.

Couldn't stop staring at the blings on my phone last night. Even when i was going home with SX, even when i was talking to him, my eyes were set on the blings.. lol. I told SX that now my hp is number 1, he'll have to drop rank. Haha.

The back is whole piece blinged with pink stripes.

Signed up for data plan as well, so i can be online anytime anywhere! Im totally obsessed with it now.

Me and sophia will be having a booth at the SMU FASHIONISTA SERIES 1 FLEA MARKET tomorrow! Do come down and support us alright? most of the pieces i'll be selling will range from $5- $20! Some are 2nd hand some are brand new :)

There will be more than 80 stalls, promoting and selling their fashion products and accessories. There'll also be blogshops there so cancel all your plans tmr and make it shopping day!

The mega event Fashionista - Live on Stage will be going round the clock from 1pm to 2am with special performances by Guest Artistes, Lucky Draws, Beauty Pageants / Fashion Shows going on Live right where you are shopping! So do not hesitate, and see you all there!

First 500 will get vouchers!

Was working at the CATS CARNIVAL last weekend.
Thanks for gillian for the job. Jobscope was to give out balloons for Chevrolet. It was a super slack job cos i think we sit down more than we stand up. The little kids just come up to us and cutely asked for balloons. Some were super shy - want balloons but dont dare to say. Haha.

Here are some of the pictures taken by my own cam and some by photographers.

My partner is Yifang :D

Saw many friends working there! Also alot of photographer friends!

There were the walk around showgirls: Amy, Miyake and Celestina.

Then at another booth there are Winnie, Xiaoting, June, etc.

Ever since winnie sort of switched to night life, it wasn't that easy for me to go out with her anymore. Finally an event that makes her wake up in the daytime to see me!

Met up with SX after that and had hkcafe. The seafood horfun that night was bland, didn't finish it :(

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