Sunday, July 26, 2009

Two Front Teeth Almost Dropped Off. Omfg.

Everyone who have been to my home before would know that my home is kinda separated into two sides. A mini balcony when you open the main door, then a mini corridor leading to the living room, spreading out to a balcony, storeroom, dining room, kitchen and study room, and all this is one side. The other 3 bedrooms is the another side, and a corridor separates these two sides.

So just now while i was walking along the corridor wanting to turn left into my bedroom, i turned a second too early and banged onto my door frame -.- Guess what? My forehead didn't touch the door frame, my nose didnt, my lips didnt. Only my two front teeth. Imagine the impact!! Amazingly after i recovered from my initial shock, i was happy to know that my two front teeth didn't drop off. Phew! (the teeth did scratched a piece of paint from the door frame though. lol.)

Conclusion: I have strong teeth. Be careful of my bite!

Sister's Bday!

Today is Sister's bday! Bought her a big teddy bear :)

Me And Isaac.
Here are some pictures from the shoot :)
Me and Isaac.

And this two which isaac dont want his face to be shown cos he thinks not nice.

And Ion, Fish&co, and ...
Heh, explored Ion for the first time afew days back. Sx had only 2 hours of sleep that day and he got super dizzy as we went round and round the complicated building in search for a place to sit down and eat. Finally settled for fish&co. Lol.

The soup and service is damn good.

The 2nd time i went to Ion, it was with Celine and Louis. This time it was my turn to get dizzy as we climbed up and down at least 3 times from the top level to basement4, from basement4 to the top level. Haha, we couldn't find our way around properly! I dont think i'll go there alone any time soon. I'll surely get lost in that amazing maze -.-

Have been seeing sx every single day recently. lol. Wonder if he's already bored of looking at my face. i stopped taking so much photos with him nowadays because i always have the thinking that "aiya, i'll see him again anyway." Haha. Another reason is also im kinda dressing down all the time this few weeks. I think im at two very extreme ends. When i go to events or town with friends, i would dress up, put on thick makeup and don my highest heels. When i go to school, usually it's just one line of eyeliner beneath that pair of glasses, abit of foundation (sometimes forgetting the blusher), messy hair, casual dresses and flipflops. I think i look like two different person. Haha. Im so glad sx likes me for my personality alot more than just my looks, and it makes me very comfortable around him.

But then hor, there's a BIG BIG problem.

Our boss keeps pulling us apart (we used to have same breaktimes and talk alot at work but since last month she purposely put us at different break times and made him have offdays whenever im scheduled for work. She also forbids us from talking at work. Yes, just the two of us. She'll put me at one section and him at the other. We are not allowed to step into each other's section unless necessary. Shouldn't make eyecontact as well. ) This isnt so much of an issue since we still get to go home together and talk when she's not around, but still.... :[

My mum strongly objects to us being together. Mum has never objected to any of my boyfriends before. First, it was about his tattoos. Then, it was about his education qualifications and his future. But have my parents ever thought about how happy i was this couple of months? What should really matter is whether he's treating me right and whether im happy or not, isn't it? (im just afraid to start quarreling with mum again over this. She seem to think that im always rebelling against her for the sake of rebelling, but that's not the case.)

Almost all my friends predict that we wont last long. Only a couple of my closer friends gave me the thumbs up and even supported me. Yea, i dont know what will happen in the future but all i know is that for now, he hasn't start ill-treating me.

You know, all these things are making me afraid. I feel that they are signs that i shouldn't be going any further with him. It's like one day if things really happen, i would look back and regret not heeding these people's advices.

But the most difficult part about all this is, i dont see anything wrong with SX! (for now). I know it's too early to insist that he's great, because afterall, we are still at the beginning stage, but even my sister thinks that he's really sweet leh. Heh.

Okay, i sound like a really deluded teenage girl now. But truth is, i'm really happy now you know. He seems to tick every single box i have on my list and all his flaws (that i already know) are the kind that i dont mind! Sometimes i think fate is finally treating me right after giving me so many disaster relationships in the past. But then again... sometimes im afraid that actually fate is trying to bully me again by giving me a big-disaster-disguised-in-a-beautiful-package :(

Arthur told me to just live the moment and not be afraid about what would happen next.

Yes, just let nature take its course. Right?
Wish me luck.

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