Thursday, July 2, 2009


I dreamt that i went to do a tattoo on my lower back.

It was a very stupid design but i dont exactly remember what it looks like. The tattoo-ing process wasn't painful, but after the design i was so afraid that my mum would find out about it. She hates tattoos! Haha. I was thinking how come i put it so low, if i wear short shirts mum would spot it. I was regretting the design i had and wanted to erase it and put another design! Haha. It was a frustrating dream lor. Never had so much regrets in a dream before.

When i woke up i sighed a huge sigh of relief! Im glad my back is clear =P

Conclusion: Im too fickleminded, i can never do something as permanent as a tattoo.


I think that my sister's kinda cool.

There was once, this guy who liked her said to her after a quarrel: "Dont talk to me. " I thought my sister would react like me (cry and give in). But no, you know what my sister replied to him? "Fine, Bye."

Cool sia. And she really didn't message him for afew days until that guy gave in and msged her lo. Im so proud of my sister now. Lol.

Then two days back that guy lectured her about some rubbish saying her character change all that. My sister copy pasted the whole convo for me and i told her to say "Listen to this. I. Dont. Fucking. Care. " Hate it when guys lecture girls when they are nothing better.

Anyway i dont know what's going on between him and her, but when i read what he wrote, like things that "i dont care about you" all that kind of shit, i want to interrupt him and say: if you dont care, why bother to send so much rubbish to her when she's not even replying you??

I think that my sister thinks and behave alot mature than her real age. I think it's because i'm always telling her everything when i was younger, thus she gets to know about the "teenage stuffs" earlier than her peeps and so she knows how to handle these stuffs. When i was her age i was so childish and lost lor!

But then sometimes i wish she's a little more stupid, because nowsadays she seems to win every single argument with me. Grrrr.

Heh, went to meet arthur.
Got him a white hoodie for his bday pressie.

I also got him a little cute doll! Arthur's little nickname for me is "dolldoll" and he always calls me that instead of my real name. Even in front of his friends, he would say "eh dolldoll, we go there first" or "eh dolldoll where you wanna go tonight after this?". Haha I wonder if his friends would think he is siao. It might be all stupid childish nonsense to you but then it's kinda sweet when he takes care of me like an "owner". Lalala.

This dolldoll is so damn cute right!
Actually there's alot of different designs (clothings) and i didn't know which to choose because all so cute! I called arthur on the phone and asked him: "eh, in your eyes what colour i am ah." LOL. He answered "pink" but i think this yellow one is cuter.

The dolldoll have long brown hair like me, bangs as fringe, short legs and also black black eye like mine! =P
I think he will torture the little doll just like how he always bullies me lor :(

Facial at Milly's :)
Met up with Sophia and Wanzhuo at cineleisure after school to eat my favourite HKcafe's seafood horfun! haha but the marina square branch cooks it better.

Wanzhuo got the same doll but different clothing :)

Milly is doing more services! Went to try their facial service! They also have manicure services but i'll try that some other time. My first ever facial in my life sia.

The lady first helped me to pluck my eyebrows. To my surprise, it wasn't as painful as i thought. Last time when i pluck on my own, it's so painful that i chose the shaving method all the time. But the lady was very fast and accurate it was so bearable.

After that, she started on my facial. She applied some cream stuffs and massaged my face. It was very comfortable. Then the steaming process, then came the main facial process.

I have very very very low tolerance for pain. Seriously.

I asked fiona who always do facials, she said facials will definitely be painful and is very very very pain that kind.
Sophia says that too.

I was so scared lor.

In the end really pain until i give up. Haha. I told her to stop after afew spots. Guess im really lousy. Hahaha. I think it's not so pain for other people just that my tolerance low only, cos the lady said that im the first person to say pain until cannot tahan. She says usually the customers can tahan one.

After that she massaged my face again and put on face mask for me. It was very comfortable. I like the lady who serviced me, cos she is very friendly :) After the whole thing, my face complexion glowed. Really!

Met up with SX after that to go home. He laughed at my lack of persistence lor. Grr. Im sure if i pinch his face with little sharp things he'll scream too -.-

Milly, the one stop solution to all your beauty problems.
Go drop by them at far east plaza when you have an hour to spare!

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