Friday, July 24, 2009

Urbanstreet just updated! If you like the dress that i wore in the previous entry, you can get it at their new collection!


Actually wanted to use this picture for the blogskin but in the end chose the one that im using now.

at the shoot.

Isaac accompanied me.

The studio was at a obscure locaton in chaichee, and it was the biggest i've ever seen. The photographer said it's like 3 times the size of his house. Haha usually the studio is used for commercial stuffs, and it was because through Chris, then i had the honour of letting Hendra shoot :)

Makeup table.

So many tissue paper used up.


Waiting for their instructions.

Hendra trying to tell me what pose he want. He's quite funny :D Felt very comfortable doing the shoot with him cos he's so professional and friendly.

Looking at the afterwork.

Yeap, had several shots with isaac. Show you all the rest soon okay! One for now!

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