Monday, July 20, 2009

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My favourite out of this collection is:

This collection is more of feminine and sweet.
Much loves.

Was invited to this Whisper event recently. Had been to so many product launches events in the past that it's finally refreshing to attend something that is not trying to sell a product.

Brought KaiHui along :)

We had some food and chitchating with the other girls first.

Then we were presented with this talk about happy periods. We learnt that that women experience many interesting things during the 28-day cycle, for example, they can enjoy being at their slimmest on day 5, and are more eloquent between the 8th and 14th day of their cycle!

I've never heard about this before, and i'll be sure to take more notice in the future!

The Whisper “happy it’s here!” initiative is specially created to create a positive acceptance of this uniquely feminine experience by sharing 'secrets of the cycle', enabling young women to stay in tune with their bodies and maximise interesting changes that come with fluctuating hormone levels.

Go to to find out more about the initiative and 'secrets of the cycle'!

You can :
- Customise your very own 'period calender' with cute emoticons to help decipher if you're at your flirtiest, wittiest, or moodiest.
- Make a bold statement, by putting up a “happy it’s here!” badge on your Facebook profile page.
- Join in the conversation and trade period management tips with other like-minded women on the Facebook Fan Page.
- Share compliments with your friends via a Compliment Badge on Facebook and remind each other of what makes you uniquely woman.

Sounds cute and fun isn't it?

After the thingy, we had some massage demonstration :) Even got the pleasure of being massaged by the professionals there. It feels good.

Were given a goodie bag, filled with goodies like Canele's macaroons.

Grape boost is to drink when you feel moody.
The snooze one is to drink when you can't sleep because of periods.

We had some chit chat after that and ladies talk are always interesting!

I was wearing this lovely black dress :)

Went over to meet SX and the other colleagues for supper!

They kept pouring more beer for grace and making her drink more. Haha. Grace got drunk in the end of course! We kept laughing cos she's really funny and cute when she's tipsy.. However quite dangerous for her cos aside from me, there were no other girls around. Moreover even if i get drunk i have SX to bring me home but she dont have anyone to bring her home. Luckily she still know how to go to her friend's house. She told me the next day that when boss called her she didn't know what she babbled and when she put down the phone she wondered why she is already in the bus. haha.

9 bottles. Siao.

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