Thursday, July 30, 2009

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It was Fiona's bday that day and i went down to her house with Maisarah in the morning to celebrate. Bought a little cake from the neighbourhood on the way there. Haha. (fiona didn't know maisarah was coming =D Surprise her!)

Played card games. I won i won i won :D:D

Then i got itchyhand and changed her wallpaper to this "happy bday fiona". Maisarah went to hide her desktop icons. Hahaha. Till now fiona still dont know how to undo everything =P

After that was the flea at SMU. Sophia was sick last minute and Xiaoting took over her. I needed someone to help me carry the stuffs, and so SX came to help :)

After setting up, me and SX went to eat while xiaoting and her friend tended the stall as we were very very hungry.

MadJack cafe!

Rootbeer float =D

Soup soup.

We were both very tempted by this crispy chicken on the menu :) Yumm!

Glutton SX wanted to eat this big chocolate cake.

Went back to tend the store. After awhile SX got bored and i had to bring him to go Plaza Singapura's Daiso to walk walk -_- He's like a little boy lor, keep itchy hand take things to play, like very curious about every single thing lydat. I feel like a mum when i bring him out. Haha.

This guy have very short attention span one sia. He bought 2 russell lee books back to read but after like 1 or 2 pages he was dozing off already. zzzz.

He kept playing with my flabby arm's fats. TMD. He thinks it's fun.

With xiaoting!

SX sat down there doing nothing accompanying me for almost 8 hours. Quite kelian hor. If im him i wont have that kind of patience lo. Hahaha.

After the whole thing (we gave out most of our leftovers to 3 ladies who gladly took them!), went for steamboat with SX :)

Bought lanyards.
The gold one the colour kept dropping on my neck so i decided to get a new one. Saw the chipmunk one and bought it though i didn't really like it. In the end saw the pink stripes one at 77th street. Cheaper than the chipmunk one plus nicer lor!

Alright ending off here!

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