Monday, July 6, 2009

My mood has been going from high to low, low to high rapidly this few days. All caused by uncertainity. Boo. Why can't everything just be good right. Anyway sometimes i myself know that im doing harm to myself by leading myself into something, but yet i still continue to move towards it. 明知故犯. Dont know why. Haha.

Woke up at 10:12am this morning after being bombed by alot of morning calls & smses on my hp. Haha. My school already started by that timing lor. I was in a dilemma of whether i should go to school or not. Wasn't in mood to waste money on cab (yesterday when i checked my bank acc i was shocked cos i thought i had *** but turned out i only have *** left. I wonder how i spent those money. Gotta save and spend less already. )

In the end i decided that so late already still go for what. In the end i went back to sleep, woke up around noon and went shopping with mum and sis. Haha. Bought a chio gold bag. So happy.

On the bus, i was on a different seat with my sister when she suddenly sent me one mms:

"My boyfriend :)"
With nickkhun's picture attached -.-

Hahaha. Dont know why recently so many people into korean stars. Bestie and my sis kept raving about them.

I like the hair of this 2PM's lead jae beom. But his frontal not as goodlooking as nickkhun.

Daddy's stalking my blog lor! This few days i keep kena nagged by my parents about going out with sx -.- But i dont care. Hahaha. Luckily sis always help me say good things =D Hope after some time they'll stop nagging so much about him.

(tsk, arthur also dont look like good boy what. Heng ah, last time parents didn't know about him cos we seldom take piccies together as i was always in casuals when with him. haha.)

Sigh i miss all my friends! Hope holidays come soon so that i have more time for them!

Extra srf pictures that i havent post.

Anyway going out with isaac tomorrow. I MISS HIM DAMN. Still havent decide where to go. Suggestions?

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