Monday, July 13, 2009

Lotsa pictures!

Night out with Isaac, Jayden, Ben and Ark!
Wanted to meet up for dinner and movie but in the end all of us were miserably late. (well, i was the earliest, for once!)

Gluttony us gave up the movie for dinner :D
Found this japanese foodcourt in a building some steps away from the cathay.

Not very crowded.

Each of these japanese can drinks cost $2.30! (my lousy crysanthemum tea at the background cost only $1.50. Haha). I love the can designs. So cute right. So how does a $2.30 japanese orange juice taste like, compared to a lousy cheap local one? Same same, also taste like orange lor, as jayden claimed.

I had ramen! Very nice. Drank all the soup away.

Isaac's baked rice.

Jayden's curry rice.

Ben's oyaku chicken don or something. Forgot.

My noodles!





A blur picture of 3 of us.

A much clearer one!~

While waiting for ark to withdraw cash. Queue was long.

From there, we walked from DHOBYGHAUT to LITTLE INDIA (like how the hell we walk until there ah??), and then finally to BUGIS. If you imagine the mrt tracks, it'll be like we walked for damn long but actually these places arent very far from each other.

Finally we get to eat desserts! IceMonster at Bugis. You know, im really awed by the dessert here. I've been gushing about it every single day to sx since that night.

Isaac, Ark and Jayden had mango & durian.

I wanted to eat strawberry sherbet, but yet i want mango fruits instead of strawberry. Imagine my happiness when i finally found it on the menu. It's perfect! The fruits are very fresh and sweet, the strawberry sherbet is great! (the ice is abit rough though, if only it had the smooth texture of "slice" at far east)

Ark had noodles as well.

Ark lent me this marvelous cap. Haha. From the outside it looks like i had this eye mask over my eyes but truth is i can see things very clearly behind the disguise! Wore it into the mrt train and it seems like everyone thought i couldn't see anything cos the cloth was covering. I almost wanted to tell the people who were staring at me: "dont stare! i can see you okay. "

I like the cap!

SX came to find me. Couldn't help but laughed at his spectacles. He look soooooooooo different with those glasses on. He had to cover his black eye cos he only slept 2 hours the night before.

I think my parents would totally love him when they see him in glasses and long sleeves (to cover his tattoos). LOL.

I love pic no.3! He purposely smile wide wide cos i was complaining about his "want-laugh-dont-want-laugh-face". Hahaha.

The very random video :D

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