Thursday, July 9, 2009


Recently i don't really care so much about what you strangers think anymore.

You may look down on me, mock me, alienate me or think that im not worth anything that was given to me, but all that nonsense wouldn't move me any bit. Because right now, I've already got everything i ever needed, im happy, and that's enough*.

Yeap, just sharing my happiness with the lovely readers!

(*okay, actually not really enough luh. I still need a sharper/smaller nose, slimmer face/jawline and less fats! heh )

changing to new blogskin soon! Should be totally different from the pinkish pinkish ones i always had. the width will also be longer, thus this entry all the pictures will also be bigger so that can fit into the new width after i change blogskin!

Oh anyway, my handphone turned cranky yesterday! The keypad kept typing things on its own! Siao right! When i was talking on the phone with isaac and ben, the "*" button keep pressing on its own and giving beeeeeeep sounds!

Then when i want to type messages, when i want to include symbols i clicked on the "*" button, the symbol box refused to appear! Then when i press backspace the symbol box appear! Siao right! The backspace is like super far away from the * button lor!

In the middle of the night pestered daddy to find a spare phone for me. Hahaha. Now im using an old sony ericsson phone that is wrapped with scotchtape. Daddy asked if i want him to get transparent tape to stick it instead of that ugly scotchtape and i just brushed him off saying "aiya i dont care luh, can use can already."

He replied me: "wahlao later people see you then say 'why iceangel carry so ugly phone' ." LOL.

I spent the another hour of the night plucking out all my remaining blings on my hp, and tore out the gmask. Now my fingers are painful and my N95 is naked. Hahaha. It looks ugly and manly now.

** this morning my N95 working perfectly alright again so i changed back!


I spent 1 hour in the room alone because kaihui was late! By the time she arrived with her friend i think i watched alot of MVs already lor.

I love jaychou.
I love the mv of caoge's "WU GU"
i love the guy in the by2's "WO ZHI DAO". Damn cute lor him.

The gravy wasn't as thick and creamy as i wanted it to be.
I dont like "clams".

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oh ya regarding the facial i done at Millys in the previous entry, here's more details.

Im unsure of the future. I predict it's gonna be rocky. But im still gonna try anyway.

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