Saturday, January 5, 2008


Some readers couldn't get access to my blog an hour ago because it would divert to another advertisement page. I was outside when people started smsing me things like: "is your blog hacked?? I cant go in!"

The first thing i thought was: "OH NO. i dont have an alternate website where my readers can find me! Unlike winnie, who told her readers afew days ago to find her at her friendster if her blog was to get hacked."

I can't ask you all to find me at my friendster because it has been ages ago since i last logged in there, and most of you dont remember the url to there anyway. Hmm, i've thought about it. If it really happens, do go visit the blogs of some of my friends like isaac, jayden, typicalben, winnie or jessica, or anyone who is famous enough in the blogosphere. Okay Okay? Go memorise their url now! Or... you can email me at

To my greatest dismay when i got home, my blog really diverted to another advertisement page! I went to log into blogger. No, it wasn't hacked. I log into my email. I see some readers emailing me regarding my blog, and some of them thought that i closed down my blog because of those rude commentors. It's such sweet to hear their encouragements, and their effort to even email me regarding something that doesn't even affect them.

i feel so blessed.

Okay, back to main point. I went to sabrina's blog, since my blog is somehow depending on her codes at her host. She also had the same problem. I thought that it's her host problem again, since her host kept giving me problems afew months ago too. Then i spotted one word: Advertlets. i tried going into but it said the domain has expired. I realised that it's because i was serving advertlet's ads, thats why this problem surfaced. And so, i went into my template to delete advertlet's ads and now, presto! everything's fine again :D

Im so pleased with myself because everytime something goes wrong with my blog, i would run to isaac and ask him to help me solve. He's a genius at codings! :) But this time, i managed to solve it quickly on my own!! *Happy*

Im not a fan of 5566, but this song is not bad. I like the front part, which the tune originally come from a childhood song. Dont like the rap part though.

- He Cai Bei Jing:

Everyone must learn to be happy, isn't it?

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