Saturday, January 12, 2008

If you ever saw me on the streets and smiled to me,
and i didn't smile back...

It's either i didn't saw you, didn't notice you, or slow reaction and only smiled after you looked away, or you didn't saw my smile.


They said this industry is a dangerous one with lots of fake people and gossiping.. I guess so. That's why i never liked mixing around with girls. I think i only click well with afew. Most of my closer friends are boys, and i tell my feelings and secrets only to boys, because girls.... will never be able to keep them inside their mouth. There are some exceptional nice girls, though :)

Went to sentosa that day. I love the beach... Nice soft sand and beautiful waters. I could sit down there and stare at the sea for hours! When the sun shines on the water, the water would sparkle and shine, and it's a beautiful sight.

Boyfriend hates going to the beach.
But i'll make sure he go there with me. Bleah. I think it's darn romantic! Quiet beach, of course. I dislike noisy ones with lots of kids running about screaming and squealing.

Isn't it super beautiful?!!!

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