Wednesday, January 30, 2008

What do you people do when one of your contact lens get stuck in your eyes and refuse to come out no matter how many ways you tried to take it out?

I tried for around an hour but still couldn't take it out! The first 15 minutes i remained calm cos i remember boyfriend and mum reminding me to not panic, or else it would be worse. However, no matter how calm i am the lens stubbornly sticked onto my eye. After that i got so scared cos my uncle have told me scary stories that if we anyhow take out contact lens, might accidently tear off a layer of our eyes and makes us blind. Im so afraid that i cried!

daddy came to comfort me and asked me to slowly take out. I hate it when this kind of things happen to me, because i can only solve the problem myself. I can't possibly ask another person to help me take out. Felt so helpless because for once, i had to depend on myself.

Well, it's finally out.

Anyway, more happy things to talk about.
What do you do when you have only $20 in your wallet but you have more than 6 hours to spare?

Look at how isaac and me spent our afternoon with the least spendings :)

Met up with him and he was hungry, so off we went to have some bites. Yoshinoya. He has salmon don.

There's a joke behind this waffle fries. But i dont know how to phrase it in words. haha.

Mine! Potato set. So much potato that it makes me feel boring after eating afew bites. Why do they want to make so many shapes of the same thing and serve it in a dish? They all taste the same regardless of shape.

Went to mindcafe! you can briefly browse through this pics because they would be repeated in the video at the later part of this entry :)
Peach tea, ice lemon tea. Guess which drink is mine :D

The games we played.

My mini white car and my pink figurine.
Isaac's blue car and blue figurine.

This Travel Blokus game is fun!

Not bad. Money game :D
Didn't really play this. cant understand the instructions.

WE TOTALLY LOVE THIS GAME! we throw a dice, den depending on what colour the dice shows, we have to take out that stick without dropping any of the monkeys off the tree. If a monkey drops, we will keep the monkey. The person with the most monkeys at the end of the game is the loser. See those brown thingy with long curvy tails? They are the monkeys!

We ate this as finger food.
The fish dipper was abit soggy. I prefer those with cripsy skin and soft meat.

Playing halfway, i felt the urge to eat again, so we shared this!
their brownie with icecream was marvelous!!

watch the video here :D

The bill came up to only $20.50 for 2 persons, 4 hours.

Off we go to the cathay!


Went to shop for the things i would need when making jelly for boyfriend. Me and isaac were laughing about this 'play-cheat' food that i can make for my bf. All i would need to do is to microwave this thing and tell boyfriend i made it myself. lol. of course i didn't buy lah -.-

I know you didn't click on the video.
Stop being such a lazy bum! click on it and view everything.


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