Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Went for a creative-themed shoot, and i think i'll love the pics!
Will show you guys when i get it :)

I forgot to wear my earrings to school today.

I ALWAYS forget to bring something when i get out of the house everyday. It could be something small like my perfume, or something extremely important like my foundation or eyeliner or any part of my makeup. My makeup drops off quite quickly...

And everytime i realise that i forgot, i would already be in the bus on the way to my destination and i would be too lazy to go down the bus and take another bus back home. So most of the time, I buy new things! Like if i forgot to wear my earrings, i would go to a shopping centre and buy earrings for myself for that day. If i forget to bring my eyeliner, i would buy a new eyeliner to use for that day. But of course, if i forget to take my laptop to school, i would definitely go back home to get it or just not go to school at all. School without my laptop plus internet connection is BORING. i dont think i can get pass the school hours without that.

Anyway people, i've made a new year resolution!

I want to be a happy happy girl!

I must master the art of ignoring people who bring me down.

then another day, i went for another group shoot. It's sort of a Jrock shoot, with abit of cute pink theme towards the end cos i exclaimed that i like the pink colour backdrop. Heh. So i changed to a white dress and acted cute with that lovely pink backdrop behind me :)

candid by one of the photographers.

Im excited for this batch of pics too!
Grr. So many people owe me pics. No wonder i have nothing to blog about.

There has been a lack of events for me to blog about recently. All seems so worthless to write down in my blog.

Nevermind, I shall upload all the junk i have in my picture gallery and dump them here, so that i dont feel that im owing you guys some things. Haha. Sometimes i take pictures when i go out, but when i get home i dont know what to blog with those pics.

Went out with Boyfriend that day :)
Nothing much. I miss those days where we have more time for each other. I hate his NS. He hates my photoshoots. Im only trying to earn more money so that he doesn't have to pay for things that i need.

Another picture of the musical box that he gave me :)
I hope the music goes on forever.

The first time i went for photoshoot.
With joleen. That was like longgggggg ago. Just didn't feel like blogging about it. Haha.

With joleen and her sis, steph.
These 2 sisters are super chio. Even prettier than in pictures.
Joleen has a sweet face while steph has those mixblood face.

This pic, longggggggggg ago too! haha.

the photographer treated us to macdonalds. The delivery man is so tiko! I used my handphone to order, so after he delivered the food, he msged to my handphone to flirt -.-

He wanted to know steph. See? I said she's pretty :)

Clearance Sale part 2!
$8 each.

Grey Offshoulder plain dress. Flatters the curves :)

Half black offshoulder top with white singlet inside.

Both worn only once for shoot :)
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