Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blogged so much yesterday but so little people commented. Shall revenge by blogging only a little today! Hmmmph.

Some photos taken at the studio opening event with April several days ago. I havent received all, but currently i like these:

Copy of DSC00442_copy

Copy of DSC00443_copy

And here's the guitarist series! It was my first time holding a guitar, so my holding position might be wrong, pardon me. The guitar was also super heavy and it had no strap to hang on me so i had to use my tummy to support it!
Copy of DSC00452_copy

Copy of DSC00459_copy

Copy of DSC00480_copy

Me and the other model, April.
Copy of DSC00498_copy

Tell me which ones you like okay? Thanks! :)
And as i said, it's going to be a short post.

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