Monday, January 28, 2008

Sponsored Advertorial at Oohtique.

It's located at ClarkeQuay, nearest mrt Raffles Place, but i dont really know exactly how to get there =x Haha. Anyway, go search for it if you are above 21 :)

People under 21 are not allowed into the shop,
because well, they sell some lingerie and other things that goes more than that *winks.

Invited jessica and isaac along.
Here's a little video summary.
if you can't see the video below, go to:

(note: the movie gets stuck around the middle.. just wait for it to get over)

(another note: the talking at the back of the video is mismatched.. the talking is faster than the actions -.- i dont know how to solve that although i've tried a million ways, so oh well, nevermind about it. It doesn't matter anyway.)

Will be posting the little funny/interesting/stupid bits from BEHIND THE SCENES in my next entry. Watch out for it! :D

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