Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hello people!

I guess my monthly blood donation is coming, leaving me with pms recently. If i flare out at you, dont take it to heart k? Im still a nice nice girl :D

Thanks for all the votes, sweeties.
Whether you are doing it for the video, or for me, i thank all of you. I've appealed to sgfriends to let me quit this thingy again, because the first time i was rejected for some confidential reason. Let's just wish that this time they let me drop off.

I've got what i wanted. I've pleased myself enough. It's time to give up some things and not be selfish to the others who are vying for it.

So people, STOP voting for me alright?
At least if i can't quit, my blog would drop in ranking and maybe drop to the last place and out of sight.

And here's what i promised you great people.

BEHIND THE SCENES at oohtique.

Isaac and me.

My current favourite heels! Although it bites me too hard sometimes :(
Love the inches ^^

Jessica and me.

Jessica's killer heels.

ISAAC. let's turn all the attention away from me and jessica and give him more instead!
Jessica wants me to put up this pic.
And to justify, shall put up 2 pretty photos of her camwhoring.... on isaac's phone!

if you cant see the video below, go to

Turn up your audio to listen to the conversations!

Im not pretty enough for everyone.

I wish to have a slimmer face, smaller nose, nicer eyes, sweeter smile and better skin.. But without all those, i am who i am.

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