Monday, January 7, 2008


He told me yesterday to talk good things about him on my blog, so here it is =x

lol. Im waiting for him to praise me on his blog too. I know he wont. He always never keep promise one! Evil Ben.

TypicalBen says:
Merry Christmas!!

Esther says:
Happy Vesak Day!

TypicalBen says:
Chinese New Year!

Esther says:
Happy Birthday!

TypicalBen says:
Good friday!

the list goes on with teachers day, children day, and youth day.
hahaha. he is boliao.


My home one keeps disconnecting.
The school one is slower than a snail.

Anyway, i heard on the radio today that a law is created that children under 16 cannot kiss, or touch people from the opposite sex. Luckily, not in singapore. The law was created in South Africa.

And so, the children under 16 there were unhappy about the new law and created a protest group. They started a 'kissing marathon', where they will kiss for as long as possible on the streets. Imagine how the scene would look like! I think their lips would be numb and hate kissing forever =x

Well, if im under 16 i would be unhappy too. It's just useless to pass this law down, because... who would really obey?

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